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Gabriella Pinzon, 


As a student hoping to one day practice law, SIDEBAR is a fantastic resource and helping hand to navigate through the legal profession with networking events, seminars, and informative newsletters. Whether you’re a practicing lawyer or a student hoping to make it big, SIDEBAR is for you.

Stephen Duane,
The Freelance Firm

SIDEBAR is not only a great concept, but also a great opportunity for the South Florida legal community to be engaged. Most lawyers that practice in South Florida realize the value that comes with furthering their education, immersing themselves in the legal community and also, networking. With the number of events and organizations in the area, trying to narrow them down can be daunting. That's what makes SIDEBAR so helpful, it funnels all of these opportunities into one convenient place where lawyers (rookies and veterans, alike) can see what's happening in their area and get involved. 

Jessica Shraybman,

Shraybman Law

I love the alternative perspective offered by SIDEBAR. I knew going into law school that I wouldn't be following the traditional path. I didn't know what that meant for my future. Today, as a solo attorney who cringes at the thought of litigation, doesn't work by the "billable hour", and doesn't own a suit, it's nice to know there are other attorneys breaking the stereotypes. SIDEBAR is a great network and resource for those who love the legal field - for what it has been and what it can become.

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