Sidebar's Mission

Sidebar seeks to transform the legal community from fragmented and exclusionary to collaborative and welcoming, with a very simple premise: 

Strip away the pretentious nonsense

Sidebar's SoFlo Mission Map

Break down barriers to entry

Engage in an honest discourse about the practice of law

Meet the Sidebar team

Kristen Corpion,

Founder and Chief Creative Officer

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Modern lawyer, nerd and rebel-with-a-cause, Kristen is the mastermind behind Sidebar. Kristen is on a mission to elevate the legal community whether it's providing customized resources to modern lawyers through Sidebar or molding the minds of students as an adjunct professor at Florida International University. Committed to the idea that you can be great at what you do, without taking yourself too seriously.

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Paola Parreno-Merino,

Intern Extraordinaire

Sidebar's Intern Extraordinaire, Paola, is an artist, future lawyer and a brilliant match-up of left and right brain. She recently graduated from Florida International University with Honors. Whether putting together resources like the weekly e-newsletter to help lawyers stay in the know or assisting in planning unique, out-of-the-box events, Paola is committed to creating an elevated future for the legal community and she is an essential member of the Sidebar team!

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Meet the Sidebar Advisory Board

A group of self-identified modern legal professionals looking to elevate the legal community. These diverse group of community leaders  offertheir creativity to help Sidebar develop innovative resources for lawyers and breaking down artificial barriers, all with the focus of improving the culture of the legal profession and helping fellow legal professionals.

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