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Our newsletter is delivered to the inboxes of our loyal readers every Monday at 2:00 pm. Whether on your office computer or on your smartphone when you’re on the go, you can access this week’s issue quickly and effectively.


Sidebar’s newsletter brings together everything going on in your local legal community and compiles it all in one, easy-to-read place that allows you to get involved with one click of a button or tap of a finger.

The "Why"

In the Summer of 2018, Sidebar launched in South Florida with a small-scale beta test of its free weekly newsletter. The newsletter was created after Sidebar's team identified a serious lack of basic information regarding happenings in the community. A chicken-egg problem if you will: How can one get involved if they don't know where to start? After identifying this void, Sidebar set out to create a free resource to help modern lawyers stay in the know about what's happening in their legal community. Our innovative newsletter is the first of its kind.


While newsletters certainly aren't novel concepts, Sidebar's unique brand (speaking to lawyers as individuals, not robots), custom collection of events, opportunities, alternative JD resources, and our willingness to spotlight a diverse and exhaustive array of South Florida legal organizations sets our newsletter apart.

What's the Publication Window?

Our Monday newsletter gives a snapshot of what’s happening in your local legal community during the next seven days (i.e., seven days from the date of distribution), so you have all the information you need as you plan your week. If you receive your newsletter on Monday the 1st, you’ll see events and opportunities happening from Monday the 1st through Tuesday the 8th. You may see some additional add-ins in the plan ahead section. 


Ultimately, Sidebar understands that lawyers are busy and it’s not always easy to plan months in advance, so we’ve developed a useful weekly snapshot to help you plan the week ahead of you!

Newsletter Rundown


Short summaries and links to amazing things being done by local VBAs(Voluntary Bar Associations), non-profits, startups andother ventures. The spotlights inthe beginning of our newsletter are usually legalrelated, and the ones towards the middle are non-legal related. Our goal? Keep you informed about various organizations! 


A cohesive, user-friendly list of legal and networking events with direct links to make registration easy.

Get Involved

An important part of elevating the community is giving back to it. Our Get Involved section details local volunteering and/or pro bono events and opportunities that allow you to give back with your time and service.


A list of CLEs and learning opportunities that take the stress out of fulfilling professional learning requirements.

Plan Ahead

A brief glimpse into what might be included in the next issue, as well as relatively important events that our team feels our readers might need some more time to plan for (for example:a conference that is out of town in Orlando or Tampa). 

Out of the Box

There’s a growing trend of lawyers looking to leave the practice of law, who are dissatisfied or want to do something non-traditional with their JD. We don’t think it’s fair to exclude those folks (we try not to exclude anyone), so we’ve designed a section just for you. In our Out of the Box section, we include opportunities and information for non-traditional lawyers or ALTJDs as we call them. Lawyers are humans that deserve a break from lawyering to let loose. In this section, we also highlight fun, quirky local events that invite you to let your hair down.

Resource Repository

Your one-stop-shop for resources and links that will help you work more efficiently. New technology, blogs, podcasts, books, influencers you should follow, credit cards, softwareyou should know about and more!

Get the Glory

From grants to fellowships, awards to prestigious training programs, our Get the Glory section offers brief summaries of recognition opportunities that we think should be on your radar as well as direct links for you to apply.

Get a Job

A list of job postings for local law firms or organizations that you may be the perfect fit for.  

How do you decide what to include in the newsletter?

In line with Sidebar’s mission, inclusion is our goal! We don’t claim to have the perfect algorithm, but here’s a glimpse into our process:  We collect information about events through our own research, database, and individual messages from local organizations. We prioritize inclusion of opportunities from smaller organizations, try to diversify opportunities (so you’re not seeing 10 events one week all from the same organization), and attempt to keep our event and opportunity sections from being annoying lengthy.

This could be you.

Sidebar's goal is to transform legal communities through collaboration.

We don't charge local legal organizations, community organizations or non-profits to appear in our newsletter. If you are a company or an individual looking to advertise to lawyers, please check out our 

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Stay in the know. From local lawyer events, to CLEs, opportunities to get involved, job postings and alternative JD resources, our free e-newsletter is your weekly snapshot of what's going on in your local legal community.