What is Sidebar?

At its core, Sidebar is a mission driven company. We are a collection of modern professionals working to elevate the legal community. Sidebar’s cohesive array of resources for the modern legal professional include: a weekly e-newsletter to help readers stay in the know (did we mention it’s free? Subscribe), a signature event series that seeks to help modern legal professionals break down barriers to entering and thriving in their local legal community and much more is on the horizon.

What makes Sidebar unique?

There are a lot of ways legal professionals can get involved in their legal community: What makes Sidebar different? We speak to lawyers as people, not as robots. We don’t do top-down pretentious hierarchies. We seek to connect and transform legal communities from fragmented and exclusionary to collaborative and welcoming. Call us ambitious, but we envision a different reality for modern lawyers. Call us crazy, but we think it’s possible to take the practice of law seriously, without taking yourself too seriously.

What do you mean by "modern" lawyer? Who is Sidebar for?

Sidebar isn’t closed to anyone. Sidebar is for any legal professional who envisions a more welcoming, less pretentious legal community. Ideal Sidebar members are modern lawyers—young by age or young at heart—who appreciate being spoken to as individuals, not as lawyer robots. Sidebar is also a useful tool to help new transplants to a legal community navigate.

What resources does Sidebar provide?

Currently, Sidebar provides the following resource to help modern lawyers navigate their local legal community: The e-newsletter. The lynchpin. Sidebar’s e-newsletter helps modern lawyers stay in the know on what’s going in in their legal community. Signature event series, workshops and more. Our signature event series includes annual large-scale events (like our Welcome to the Local Legal Scene event). Other event options include dynamic workshops, Sidebar’s JD Collaboration Room, and other unique events. Membership. Our memberships options are as intensive or non-intensive as you’d like: our forever free option is well, free and allows you to join us and engage whenever you can spare the time, our premium membership is a bit more involved, and our Advisory Board exists for the true innovators and disruptors. Stay tuned! The Sidebar team is constantly developing new and innovative ways to help modern lawyers.

How can I get involved?

Want to help us disrupt the traditional? Grab a sledgehammer and let’s start breaking down artificial barriers together. Individuals. Individuals are invited to register for our newsletter, join us at our events, become amember or consider applying to our Advisory Board. Community organizations (VBAs, non-profits, and other community organizations). We love collaborating with other community organizations. Shoot us an email or fill out our contact form. We’d love to connect with you, plan events together, and learn more about how we can support the amazing work you are doing! Advertisers, sponsors and other ventures looking to market to lawyers. Looking to engage with our membership and increase your venture’s brand recognition? Check out our advertising/sponsor packages, email us, or fill out our contact form.

How can I connect with Sidebar?

Fill out our contact form and follow us on our social media channels!

More questions?

Stay in the know. From local lawyer events, to CLEs, opportunities to get involved, job postings and alternative JD resources, our free e-newsletter is your weekly snapshot of what's going on in your local legal community.